Surprise, I’m an Amazon Affiliate! Actually this shouldn’t be a surprise, because I buy things off of Amazon all the time. Too often, frankly. It’s where I buy all of my books, unless I happen to wander upon a Barnes & Noble. Amazon has everything, and when you have a Prime membership like I do, it makes life a lot easier. My books can get here in 2 days, as long as they’re Prime eligible (I make sure they always are). I’m sure in the future this will apply to other items as well, like laptop and phone and iPad cases, whatever else.

As necessary, I will provide affiliate links to appropriate on their website. Of course, when I do this, I will be sure to place a noticeable note at the top of the page, which will look as follows:

Note: This post contains affiliate links. You can read my disclosure here, and it can also be found in the menu bar.

These links will only be used when I make purchases from their website as a link to this item.


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21-year-old college student, lover of books and proud owner of Dreaming in Paperbacks blog, bookstagram, and DPaperbacks Twitter. Looking for more book, college, and lifestyle blogs to follow!

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