Would you like to request a review?

Genre Requirements

If you’ve landed on this page, there’s a good chance you would like to send me an ARC in exchange for an honest review. And I’m all in, as long as you meet these genre requirements:

-I read YA fiction: contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi, action/adventure, etc. I am open to any YA fiction, as long as the blurb entices me.

-I also read nonfiction essays, again, as long as the blurb entices me. Examples are Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, On Writing by Stephen King, The Art of Memoir by Mary Karr. I love memoirs and I love reading essays.

Contemporary, fantasy, and sci-fi are not limited to YA fiction.

What I Need From You

So you fit the genres I’m interested in. What I need next from you is an email to dreaming.in.paperbacks@gmail.com requesting that you send me an ARC of your upcoming book. Please provide the title, the genre, and a blurb. A picture of the cover is always appreciated, but not necessary if not possible at the time.

Please provide any requirements you need from me. This could be a requested word count for a review, where you would like me to post the review (I have this blog, an Instagram, and an Amazon account), and when I can post this review. Please, if possible, include this information in the initial email request. If you do not have this information yet, please acknowledge this in the email and provide details on when you will be able to follow-up with this information (I do not need exact dates, just a general idea, days, weeks, months).

Also, please be kind! I think this is overlooked. I’m a young woman in college who reads as a hobby, writes as a passion, and studies both of these to prepare for a future living. The point is, I’m young and appreciate kindness. Include a smiley face, say something nice, we’e all human and the world needs more happiness in it. Not to mention, if you come across rude I unfortunately will not be eager to work with you.

Review Disclosure

Please be sure to read this disclosure carefully. In your initial email, please state that you have read and understand this part clearly. This part is very important to both of us.

I rate the books I read out of 5. For the sake of keeping this online space positive and friendly, I will not be posting reviews on books I deem deserving of less than a 3/5 rating. A rating of 3/5 is satisfactory, anything less than that means the book did not meet my expectations and can mean any number of things: maybe the book didn’t reach me as a reader, maybe it wasn’t my cup of tea, maybe there were too many grammatical/spelling errors (I try not to rate based on this or include it in my reviews, but if it’s too much then it’s too much), maybe there were too many plot holes or characters I felt were underdeveloped. Maybe the cons out-weighed the pros. In any case, books that would receive a rating of less than 3/5 will not be posted on my blog.

My blog is still very new to both myself and my readers, and I take pride in keeping it friendly. I may decide to change my mind about including low-rated books in the future, but for now this is just how it is.

HOWEVER. In the unfortunate case that I would rate your book anything less than a 3/5 I will send you an email ASAP to let you know. I will remind you that I will not be posting the review on my blog and why. As a courtesy to you, if you would like me to email you a full review (the same as I would post on my blog) of your book, I would be more than happy to do this for you. I say this because, as a writer myself, constructive criticism has always been more helpful to me than constant praise over my work. If someone thinks it deserves a low rating, I want to know why!

Note: Please refrain from sending nasty comments of any kind. Do not try to argue with me about my review and why it deserves a better rating. My reviews are final, I stand behind my word and my opinion because I trust myself as a reader and a writer. If you are kind and respectful, the way I intend to be in all my reviews, I would still be willing to work with you in the future on other books, as long as you are willing to try to work with me again. (Because maybe that particular book and I just didn’t click! I’m all for second chances!)

If I email you a review, I ask that you do not use it publicly. It is for your own personal use. Also, please note that I will only email you if I am rating your book low enough not to post a review and that I will only email a review privately in this case. If the review is a 3 or above, it will go on my blog (as well as any other channel you request) and I will not be sending you the review via email. You’ll be able to see it on my blog, and I would be happy to email you with a link as soon as it goes live.

Please be sure to mention in your email that you have fully read my review request requirements, and be sure to include what is needed. If you forget something but it is clear you read the requirements, obviously I won’t hold that against you because we’re all human. In the end, kindness is what really matters. If you’re nice, friendly, happy, then there’s a good chance I’ll be willing to review your book. 🙂



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21-year-old college student, lover of books and proud owner of Dreaming in Paperbacks blog, dreaming.in.paperbacks bookstagram, and DPaperbacks Twitter. Looking for more book, college, and lifestyle blogs to follow!

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